When Should I Arrive To Check-In?

To better ensure that the Brewery Bus you want to board isn’t full, arrive as early in your check-in window as possible!  In order to get on a bus, you MUST arrive at least 15 minutes before the end of your check-in window.  Please note: check-in is about a 5 minute walk from Union Depot’s light rail station, so plan your arrival accordingly.

Can I Check In During A Different Check-In Window?

Due to event and bus capacities, you MAY NOT check in during another Check-In Window.

Is The Check-In Location The Same As Last Year?

Yes.  Check-in is at Union Depot’s Lot C – West, just down the road from Union Depot’s main building.  There will be signs to guide you on event day.

What If I’m Running Late?

Find a GetKnit staff member at Check In, and we will discuss your options.  In this case, please be prepared to wait until the following check-in window’s departure times.

Can I Drink Beer On The Brewery Buses?

No.  Out of respect to the breweries and city ordinances, drinking beer will not be allowed on the Brewery Buses.

What If It Rains?

In the case of rain, we first and foremost encourage participants to dress accordingly and bring an umbrella, as this is a rain or shine event. Some breweries do have covered outdoor areas, while others are just going to embrace it and dance in the rain — we leave that all to them.

Which Brewery Will I Go To First?

At check-in, you will have the opportunity to choose from buses heading to a variety of participating breweries. GetKnit can not guarantee that your first choice will be available.

I Can’t Find My Ticket/Confirmation Email – Help!

You should have received your ticketing email from Tempo Tickets (our ticketing partner), which includes a link to your ticket(s), immediately after ticket purchase – Check your spam.  Still can’t find it? Email on or before Saturday, April 20 and we will re-issue your ticket. After April 20? – bring your ID to Brews & Buses Check-In, and we can use it in-place of your physical ticket.

I Am Traveling With A Large Group – Will We All Be Able To Get On The Same Bus?

While each Brewery Bus has a certain capacity and we cannot guarantee that you will all fit on a given bus, you will greatly increase your chances of being able to travel with your full group by arriving early during your Check-In Window.

So, What Is My Day Going To Look Like?

In short, however you would like it to! At Check In, you will choose a Brewery Bus to hop aboard and ride it to your first brewery. Then, choose-your-own-adventure! You can stay at one brewery all day, ride the buses in one direction around the “Brewery Bus Circuit” – taking time to visit whichever breweries you choose, or jump around the circuit in either direction.  Curious on the flow of the “Brewery Bus Circuit”?  Click here to check it out!

Can I Skip Breweries?

Certainly. However, you will need to switch buses at each brewery.

Can I Change My T-Shirt Size?

No guarantees, but let us know if you would like to switch your size at Check-In, and we will do our best!

Can I Get Back To Union Depot During The Event?

No buses will be stopping at Union Depot between Check-In and 6:00PM – when the event officially ends and all buses become shuttles back to Union Depot.

Where’s My Metro Transit Pass?

After you purchase your tickets you will will receive an email from an “Confirmation and Details” email from us at GetKnit.  Within that email there is a hyperlink to access your pass.  Additionally, we will circulate this again a few days prior to the event in the “final reminders” email.  This pass is good for all city buses and the light rail from 8:00AM – 8:00PM on event day.

I Can No Longer Go To Brews & Buses – Can I Get A Refund?

We are not able to offer refunds. Prior to Saturday, April 20, you may sell/transfer your ticket to another 21+ individual. Simply forward your confirmation email to with the full name(s) of the original ticket holders along with the full name(s) and email of the 21+ individual to whom you’d like to transfer your ticket.  We cannot however guarantee the t-shirt size of your transferee.  After April 20, we will not be accepting official transfers – however, another 21+ individual may arrive at the event in your place with a printed version of your ticket (no digital tickets) and a 21+ ID. This new attendee will need to explain the situation at check-in and have a Check-In Manager check them in.  For all ticket sales/transfers, T-shirt size changes are not guaranteed, but we will attempt to accommodate as possible.