Skip the knick knacks and other random items and give the gift of experiences!  With our brand new GetKnit e-Gift Cards, you can allow your recipient to choose an adventure of their choice and put the amount you’ve gifted them towards any of our events!  Whether you’re shopping for an adventure seeker, wine lover, craft beer nerd, or a party person – our ever changing line-up of public events will be sure to have something for everyone!

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You’ll be able to choose a pre-set value or set your own custom amount to give – from $1 to $1,000,000.  The best part about our e-gift cards is that the gift acts as a store credit, so if your recipient doesn’t use it all on one purchase – they can use the remaining balance on future ticket purchases!

At time of purchase, you’ll be able to choose to send the e-gift card to your recipient right away and include a personal message in the email OR you can omit that information and then the confirmation email will be sent to you directly, so you can gift it as you see fit.

Our e-Gift Cards are tied to a unique code that’s entered in at time of payment!  If the amount is less than the total amount of their purchase, they’ll just need to pay the difference OR if the amount is more than the total, they can hold onto their code and use it again (and again!) until it’s all used up.

Your recipient will be able to choose between our ever changing line-up of events and find an experience that meets their individual desires and personality!  No matter how they choose to “GetKnit” we’re sure they’ll have a great time exploring with us!

Click here to get your e-gift cards!

GetKnit Events e-Gift card funds are applied to eligible orders during the checkout process via entering the provided unique code at time of purchase. All e-gift card transactions are final. If you want to increase the e-gift card value, then a new transaction will be required. e-Gift cards may be used only for the purchase of eligible goods on the GetKnit Events website. e-Gift cards cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash. Purchases are deducted from the e-Gift Card balance. We are not responsible if a GetKnit e-Gift Card is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission.