We’ve created a virtual “Beer Derby” – a beer-centric play on the Kentucky Derby that encourages you to support your favorite local breweries and cideries by purchasing as much (or as little) growlers/crowlers from their taprooms during the week leading up to the virtual event with an effort to “Race to Save the Beer.  Contestants and winners in the “races” will be determined by you, the people, by how many purchases are made and submitted throughout the week leading up to the “race” watch party!

We’ll come “together” (wearing your finest derby hat and attire is encouraged!) from the comfort of your own home for a webinar-style “Race Party” where the winners will be revealed through a series of “races”, which will feature 6 beer/cider-style “races” and the big “race” for best overall brewery or cidery.   Through Zoom polls you’ll be invited to “bet” on the featured breweries/cideries with the chance to win merchandise, GetKnit swag, and more!

Step 1 – Register

Gather up your friends and family – both in your household or virtually – and register!

Step 2 – Support Your Favorites!

After you register you’ll receive a full list of all participating breweries and cideries.  Get takeaway (or delivery) beer/cider from your favorite taprooms in the area. When you do – make sure to identify yourself to their staff as “Going to the Beer Derby” and they’ll provide you with their voting handout.

Step 3 –Submit Your Purchases

Follow the link on the handout and let us know what you’re drinking!  Contestants and winners in the “race” will be determined by you and how many purchases are made and registered for each participating taproom throughout the week leading up to the big “race”!  Race to save the beer and support your favorite local taprooms!  All submissions must be completed by Friday, May 15 at 10 PM to count toward “race” results.

Step 4 – “Beer Derby Day”!

Slip on your finest derby wear (optional of course) and tune in for a webinar-style “race party” where we’ll come “together” and watch some “races” that will feature a variety of “beer/cider style races”, and the big race featuring the top breweries/cideries overall with only one to be crowned!   As we watch, you’ll also be able to “bet”on each “race”.  Those who choose the correct winner of each “race” will get entered to win prizes!

We are offering this as a “Free” experience but are asking you to consider contributing to GetKnit if you’re able and excited to do so.  These are trying times for all of us, but especially for small family-run businesses like us.  Your contributions go directly to keeping us running through these difficult times so that we are able to gather and raise a beer together when this has all passed us by.  Should you be unable to join on this event, but would still like to support us, you can send contributions to our Venmo at @GetKnitGuru.

We appreciate your continued support and patronage.