Metro Transit’s new Green Line connects more than just Minneapolis and St. Paul. It boasts countless local restaurants, bars, businesses, and of course breweries.

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With all of the new breweries and brewpubs that have opened up on the Green Line Corridor over the last 6 months there are now eight breweries to visit off the light rail.  That is a lot of beer to choose from, so your gurus have created a list of 18 of the best beers to try along the Green Line (in no particular order)…

#1 – Rhubarb Wit from Urban Growler: Part of their “Plow to Pint” series, this delicious belgian-style wheat beer has a slight tartness that comes from the locally grown rhubarb used in its fermentation.


#2 – Schottky Pumpkin Ale from Tin Whiskers: This brew is to be released in the fall, and is a perfect match for falling leaves and pumpkin pie.  It is an amber with a sweet pumpkin flavor.

#3 – Sweet Child of Vine from Fulton: An IPA that has a healthy dose of malt to balance the unique blend of hops.

town hall#4 – Black H2O Oatmeal Stout from Town Hall: A malty and smooth oatmeal stout that boasts a bronze medal for its full bodied, yet light, flavor.

#5 – Franks Red Ale from Day Block: A delicious and smooth amber brew that is subtly sweet and caramelly.

#6 – Pyro from Burning Brothers: An American Pale Ale from Minnesota’s only fully gluten free brewery!  This beer is so flavorful and can take on any other Pale Ale in town with its fruity, hoppy, malty mix of flavors.

#7 – Black Watch Oat Stout from Great Waters: Great Waters is known for its collection of cask beers, and the full bodied flavors of the Black Watch are really highlighted as a cast conditioned ale.

#8 – Minn from Bang: An English Dark Mild Ale is an easy to enjoy session ale that is lightly hopped and has a wonder malty body.

#9 – The Libertine from Fulton: An imperial red ale that is as smooth as…well it’s smooth.  This brew is only available between September and November.

day block#10 – Batch XXX IPA’s from Day Block:  One of Day Block’s ever changing line-up of craft beers is their Batch IPA’s.  No matter which batch you get the flavor is delicious, and pairs perfectly with their amazing selection of pizzas.

#11 – Marsala Mama from Town Hall: An American IPA that combines 6 different hop varieties to create a bitter yet balanced brew.

#12 – Wheatstone Bridge from Tin Whiskers: An American style wheat that appeals to every palette with its combination of honey and chamomile tea flavors.

#13 – Lonely Blonde from Fulton:  One of Fulton’s lighter beers, but still full of flavor!  It brings together the perfect trifecta of hops, malt, and wheat flavors in a very light colored hue.

tin whiskers#14 – Flip Switch IPA from Tin Whiskers: While an IPA, the Flip Switch is a delicious brew for hop heads and novice beer drinkers alike, as its bitterness is subtle and perfectly balanced with malt.

#15 – Brown Trout Brown Ale from Great Waters: This caramel and dark malted brown ale deviates from Great Waters cask ales, and is a traditional “push ale”.  It pairs perfectly with the wide variety of meals at this St. Paul staple.

#16 – Roasted Coffee Ale from Burning Brothers: This award winning brew combines that delicious bitter coffee flavor we all love to wake up to, and the delicious hop that we love to happy hour to and creates a delicious love child that rivals any gluten-filled brew in the market.

urban#17 – CowBell Cream Ale from Urban Growler:  A refreshing American Light Lager that will appeal to the biggest beer nerd, and the Bud Light. lover alike.

#18 – Nice from Bang: A silky smooth dark ale, that is almost black in appearance and has a great combination of roasty, caramelly, chocolately flavors.

IMG_6272On top of all of these highlighted beers, all of these breweries feature ever-changing seasonal and small batch ales that continue to keep us on our toes!  If you are looking for a good excuse to try a lot of these, join us and hundreds of our friends at the Rails & Ales: Light Rails Brewery Crawl on September 13th!  This event will feature all of these breweries and their staple beers, alongside specialty tappings of unique brews to be released throughout the day of the event!  ”Hop” aboard the new Green Line and support your local breweries!