COVID-19 UPDATE (12.18.2020)


To our friends, patrons, and community.

Despite the many challenges that the past 10 months has brought, 2020 has given us new opportunities to cultivate community and support our fellow local businesses in new and unique ways.  We welcomed thousands of participants from all over the United States over the course of three installments of our ‘Great Stay-At-Home Scavenger Hunt’; helped to raise over $1,500 through our “Fill MN With…” campaign which seeks to aid in the betterment of our city; we helped to “save” over 48,000 ounces of craft beer and generate over $10,000 in revenue for our brewery partners on our virtual “Beer-Derby”; and we were even able to keep the tradition of our beloved ‘Rails & Ales’ event alive through a special pandemic edition that featured all (open) breweries along the Green Line.

While these new opportunities have been a great way to continue to live out our company’s mission, we still certainly missed welcoming you all on our regular, face-to-face experiences that we’d usually offer throughout the year.

As we look to the future, we maintain our positivity and hope for what 2021 and beyond will hold.  While it is still unclear on when we’ll be able to re-start our normal offerings, our plan is to hit the ground running once we’re able to do so safely and in accordance with limitations set upon us (and our partners) by the State.   While we await that time, we have been cooking up some fun new “Covid Friendly” events for the coming winter, inspired by the Norwegian word “Friluftsliv“.  So stay tuned!

We believe that there is a great need to cultivate community in our city and will continue to try to give you opportunities to do so.  We thank you for your continued support always, but especially over this last year.

With great appreciation,

Nick, Shannon, and the Whole GetKnit Team


COVID-19 – Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

So, why can’t you offer your events as normal?

Due to the limitations set upon both us and all of our featured partners on each of our events, it is not possible for us to run our normal experiences.  Since the start of this pandemic, strict capacity restrictions have been in-place and bringing groups into our featured businesses (venue, brewery, restaurant, etc.) has not been possible.  Additionally, social distancing is not possible on our coach buses and because a lot of our events include transportation – that has limited our ability to try and offer those.

I have a credit from a canceled event – is it still good?

Yes!  Usually our event credits are good for one year from the time they’re issued.  Because we’ve not been able to offer our usual event offerings this past year – all credits issued because of the pandemic have been automatically extended for another year.  No action is needed on your end.

I chose to have my ticket rescheduled but didn’t get my new ticket?

No worries at all.  If you should have received a new set of tickets but haven’t – please email us at and let us know and we can easily re-issue those to you.