Exactly 5 years ago come this Saturday, March 17 – on St. Patrick’s Day – GetKnit Events “doors” were opened. To help get the word out about what we hoped to do with this scrappy company some of your beloved ‘Local Gurus’ took to the streets of St. Paul, armed with green beaded necklaces to hand out all around our capital city.   Naïve to the road that lie ahead and excited to express our vision, we shared our goals with anyone who would look us in the eye and invited them to check out our events.

Now, 5 years later, we’ve had the privilege of hosting hundreds upon hundreds of events all over our great state of Minnesota. We’ve welcomed over 20,000 participants alongside us. We’ve worked with hundreds of fellow local businesses. And we’ve been able to inject over 1 million dollars (!!!!) into the local economy. While our marketing and graphics may have gotten a bit more refined since 2013, our bootstrap approach to getting the good word out hasn’t changed one bit. Nor has our commitment to local small businesses, belief that the beauty is in the details, and deep love of experiential events.

Over this last weekend GetKnit hosted a celebratory overnight version of one of our longest running ‘Get-togethers’ — the North Shore Brewery Tour. On our way home, after an epic weekend of craft beer, new and old friends, and some time on the beautiful north shore we got a bit nostalgic about GetKnit and the story we’re helping to tell, not only in Minnesota but in the lives of every participant who’s joined us on an event over the last five years. As ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” played in the background, our minds wandered to the countless friend outings, birthdays, anniversaries, teambuilding trips, holidays, and just random Thursdays that people have shared with us since our inception. I thought about how many of you have pushed yourselves outside of your comfort zone and have done something new on one of our adventure trips. Explored new parts of Minnesota that you had never been. Tried a new skill at one of our Arts & Ales classes. Enjoyed a new brewery or winery that you would have not otherwise visited. You’ve allowed us to fulfill our mission statement and truly be “the thread that knits our community together”.

What an honor it has been to serve as “memory makers” for you all for the last five years.

In light of that, we want to extend our most sincere thanks to all of you fun, interesting, inspiring individuals – our participants – for entrusting us with your time and memories. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today, on the eve of our 5-year anniversary. So thank you. It’s been a privilege to meet you, serve you, and share in this great life with you. And we sincerely look forward to continuing to keep making Minnesotan memories with you all into the future.

With our deepest admiration and thanks,
Team GetKnit Events