After a couple unseasonably warm days, there is now a chill in the air, leaves are changing colors, and flannel shirts are being pulled out of closets everywhere.  These are among the unmistakable signs that fall has officially arrived here in Minnesota.  Here at GetKnit, each season represents an opportunity to explore in a new way, try some new activities, and taste new flavors.  Being the craft beer junkies that we are, our fall flavors of choice can be found in the form of hoppy, malty, sudsy goodness that is fall beers.  Here are five Minnesota craft beers that we recommend trying out.  So throw on your flannel, head to your nearest taproom or bottle shop, and enjoy these flavors of fall!

For many, the fall season is synonymous with pumpkin-flavored-everything.  From lattes to Oreos, milkshakes to M&Ms, and everything in between, pumpkin flavors are no longer reserved to Grandma’s pie.  In this ever-growing category, Tin Whiskers Brewing Company’s “Schottky Pumpkin Ale” stands out as a must-try seasonal.  Voted “Green Line Beer of the Year” by Rails & Ales participants, this amber colored ale delivers an unbelievable pumpkin pie flavor with sweet malts and baking spices.  Unlike your typical pumpkin latte, this beer is anything but “basic” – no leggings or Ugg boots are required to enjoy this fall treat!

ALSO TRY:  Mummy Train from Flat Earth Brewing Co. and Jack’d Up from Third Street Brewhouse

For those who prefer a more “cultural” experience, or just want an excuse to drink beer all day, Oktoberfest beers are a staple throughout September and October.  Märzen-style beers comprise this category of malty brews which will transport your taste buds to Bavaria.  Schell’s Oktoberfest is a local favorite which stays true to its traditional German counterparts while adding its own Minnesotan flair.  Toasty and sweet with just enough hop spiciness, this beer is a perfect compliment to any fall activity.  So throw on your lederhosen, join GetKnit on our Southern Minnesota Brewery Tour, or simply pick up a six-pack at your local bottle shop and sip up this beer before it’s gone!

ALSO TRY:  Schwandtoberfest from Bauhaus Brewlabs and Festbier from Fair State Brewing Cooperative

While sweet and malty beers come to mind when one thinks of traditional fall-seasonals, this time of year also presents a bountiful harvest of brews for those of us who consider ourselves “hop-heads”.  In the early fall, the magicians we call hop farmers are busy harvesting their crops in order that we can be spoiled with the fruits of their labor.  Brewers flock to these farms to smell, taste, see, and buy these green beauties to create their fresh or wet hopped beers.  While hops are normally used in pellet form, this season presents a unique opportunity to utilize the hop in its natural form, delivering a taste that drives us wild.  Local beer-meisters, Surly Brewing Co., delivers yet another spectacular beer in their massively sought-after beer, Surly Wet.  This beer lives up to the hype, delivering an awesome piney, fruity, and citrus hop flavor with just enough maltiness to keep it balanced and light.

ALSO TRY:  Mosaic Fresh Hop from Castle Danger Brewing and Fresh Hop from Mankato Brewery

As the weather gets colder, we are always glad that there are darker, sweeter beers to warm us up throughout the fall and winter.  As the leaves turn, we find ourselves more and more frequently turning to brown ales, porters, and stouts.  Lupulin Brewing Company’s Two Nuts English-style brown ale pairs perfectly with the fall crispiness in the air.  This double nut brown delivers a depth of flavors that is very, well, nutty.  Thick enough without being over-the-top, the medium body of this brew makes it very drinkable for any occasion.  Hit up the taproom today, or join GetKnit on our Central Minnesota Brewery Tour, to try this beer and more from this up-and-coming Minnesota brewery.

ALSO TRY:  Nut Hatchet Brown from Canal Park Brewing Co. and Great Northern Porter from Summit Brewing Co. 

Standing firmly in a category that we simply refer to a “weird beers”, Indeed Brewing Company’s Yamma Jamma is weird in all the right ways.  Indeed chooses to forego the pumpkins in its fall seasonal and instead utilizes the sweet potato, or yam, to deliver more flavor to the beer.  Couple this unique ingredient with warm spices and you get a beer that simply tastes like fall.  This brew will not be boxed in and simply must be sampled to be understood.  Also, not limited to jack-o-lantern season, this delicious treat sits just as well at your Thanksgiving dinner as it does your Halloween party.  Get yourself to the taproom in Minneapolis’ Mecca of craft beer, Northeast, or grab a six-pack today to get a taste of this truly unique must-try beer.

ALSO TRY:  Peanut Butter Porter from Dangerous Man Brewing Co. (also “weird”)