Minnesotans are known as being “nice” but at GetKnit we know that we are much more than well-mannered Northerners with a thick accent.  In an effort to celebrate how truly quirky (and wonderful) Minnesotans are, we have assembled a list of the 23 things that showcase that we are so much more than just nice:

#1 — No matter how hungry we still are, we won’t take the last piece/serving of something. “No, no, no…you can have it…”


#2 – We hold the door for people, even if they are 100 feet from the door and just kind of awkwardly stand there.

holding door

#3 – When the snow piles up, you can almost put money on neighborly shoveling asssistance.


#4 – Even our vandals are nice by expressing support and love.

.boys with feelings

#5 — We are innovative when it comes to eating (or drinking!) food and beer on a stick!

drink on a stick

#6 – After a long winter when our temps hit 40 degrees, our running community pulls out their summer “attire.” No matter the conditions.

running in winter

#7 – We go “all in” for our sports teams, even when their records aren’t the best.gophers

#8 – We are so “nice” that we even brand our community bikes with that mantra.niceride

Photo courtesy of: Facebook.com/NiceRideMN

#9 – The weather is a main topic in every conversation.weather

#10 – We drink pop, not soda. But we’ll never reprimand you for it (to your face).soda

#11 – At the end of a race, we like to reward our athletes with a local brew.finnegans post race

#12 – “You Betcha” and “Uf Dah” are appropriate responses to almost anything.uff dah

#13 –We love our 4-legged friends and spoil them with an abundance of off-leash dog parks.


#14 – We support our local brewers on a weekly (if not daily!) basis.local beer

#15 – We understand that sometimes even our pets need to bundle up.dog bundled

#16 – The Minnesota “A” and “O” transform words like boat, bag, go, and Minnesota into magical sounding phrases.

#17 – We have more state pride than most, and are quick to remind visitors of our many accolades (i.e. healthiest state, happiest in the US, most bike friendly, etc.)mn tee shirt

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#18 – We take part in the time honored tradition of “going up North” for the weekend…Even though we’re already pretty far North.


#19 – We understand the “art” of layering our clothes as our temperatures often have a 40+ degree swing in any given day.

bundled up

#20 – Instead of retreating inside in the winters; we hold festivals, build castles and bars out of ice, and play outside as much as we can.


#21 – We treat our lakes as if they were the beaches of California and Hawaii.


#22 – We talk about Prince like he is our good friend.photo

#23 – Sick?  Rough week?  We will deliver a hot dish (NOT casserole!) to your door!


As we said, Minnesotans are so much more than nice!