481168_538943736146335_1089845987_nThis week in the beautiful cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul we are celebrating Twin Cities Bike Walk Week. There are various events occurring throughout the week to encourage participation and grow your love for adventure and affinity for the byways and greenways that adorn our cities.  In celebration, I have vowed to bike everywhere this week and see how many of these sweet activities I can participate in.

Join me bright and early for breakfast Wednesday, June 12th at the Greenway building from 7:00am-9:00am for Brake for Breakfast:

After a two-year hiatus, the biggest bike-to-work breakfast celebrating Bike Walk Week in the Twin Cities is back! The Minnesota 1001339_10100254835859425_729781060_nEnvironmental Fund, a workplace giving program for Minnesota-based environmental organizations, is sponsoring the resurrected event along with the tenants of the Greenway building that had organized the event from 2008-2010. The event will provide a free breakfast for bikers and walkers. Mayor R. T. Rybak and many other elected officials will join us.

For breakfast we will be serving pancakes, eggs, oatmeal, yogurt and muesli, granola bars, and Peace Coffee and juice. We are expecting between 300 and 500 (or more) walkers and bikers. The HUB bike co-op is also offering a free bike check clinic and handing out free bike patch kits. Additionally, Eureka Recycling will be working with us to compost and make this a zero-waste event.

If you’re not such a morning person, and let’s be honest I’m usually not unless it involves free food and Peace Coffee, join the GetKnit Guru’s Wednesday evening, June 12th in St. Paul and Friday, June 14th in Minneapolis for the Nature Valley Bicycle Festival benefitting Children’s Lighthouse of Minnesota. Live music, an expo and bike races are all on the docket. Come by our booth and you might be lucky enough to snag a sweet surprise or get your picture taken in our bike-tastic backdrop.

1004730_10100254835664815_1369867392_nThe Stone Arch Bridge Festival is going to be in full swing this weekend — Friday, June 14th through Sunday, June 16th — with plenty of food, beer, art, and BIKES! There will be special perks for bikers including free parking at the foot of the Stone Arch Bridge, free food, free bike lights, and free bike repair.  BONUS: If you park in the bike corral during Stone Arch Bridge Festival you will receive a buy one, get one coupon from Chipotle!!!

I challenge you to hit the streets this week either by foot, or my personal preference, by bicycle. You might discover an adventure you never expected or see your city in a whole new light!