‘Rails & Ales’ Partner Spotlight

Leading up to our 6th Annual Rails & Ales: Light Rail Brewery Crawl, your local gurus at GetKnit will be doing a bi-weekly partner spotlight with the goal of helping you get to know our featured brewery partners that much better.  Whether they are your favorite taproom in the Twin Cities or still on your “must hit” list, we hope you find this new article to be informative and entertaining!  For this installment of our partner spotlight we chatted with our friends at Modist Brewing Company.  Enjoy…

When did you open to the public?

Tax day, 2016.

Tell us a little bit about your brewery name.

Modist is derived from the word Modify, we do this naturally in our daily lives but we’re trying to bring this attitude to the beer world by pushing boundaries and seeing where beer can go.

Describe your brewery in 3 words.

Innovative.   Authentic.   Curious.

How do you get inspiration for your beer names?

The Wu-Tang Clan name generator.

Any exciting tricks planned up your sleeve this year?

Pastry Hard Seltzers

What’s your brewery anthem or motto?

We make one of a kind beers on a one of a kind system.

What is the beer that you’ve brewed that you’re the most proud and why?

Boozehound. It’s crazy unique, required a ton of work and care, and it turned out amazing.

What has been the most surprising thing about running a brewery?

Brewery? All I do is answer emails now.

What’s on the horizon for your brewery?

We’re in downtown MPLS so it’s hard to see the horizon, but we do have a great view of Target Field.

Who at your brewery has the best “brewery beard”?

Muggs…(See photo to the right)

If you could only drink one beer for the rest of your life, what would it 

Old Rasputin from North Coast. Readily available, good priced, classic Imperial Stout.

If your brewery was a celebrity, who would they be?

Billy Ray Cyrus: he might be known for one thing, but man can he do it all.

You guys have done a lot of cool collaborations – do you have a favorite? And why?

Sun Protection Factor with Portage Brewing. We were able to raise a ton of money for their rebuilding efforts after they lost their brewery in a fire, and it was really good.

Make up a poem about ‘Rails & Ales’.

Roses are red, violets are blue, please don’t vomit in our urinals.

What’s a fun fact about your head brewer?

He used to hate beer and drank only Mike’s Hard(er) Lemonade.

Fill in the blank: We decided to open this brewery because _________________ .

We wanted to push the boundaries of beer and see what beer can be.

Weirdest flavor beer you’ve ever created?

All of them?

From the outside it appears you guys are all about art, is there a particular piece at your brewery that is your favorite? And why?

Our Dreamyard mural (See photo to the left), Wes Winship (from Burlesque of North America) did a really great job on giving that wall a lot of texture and depth. Plus the color changing lights make it pop at night.  That and the Super Nintendo Chalmers sticker Ben Brausen made that’s in the men’s room stall.

What is your favorite beer that is not your own?

3Floyds Savage Flo.

What special events do you have at your brewery throughout the week? Or anything really exciting coming up you want to share?

Drop-In Skate Deck Art Show on July 19th and We The People BMX Show on August 2nd.

What else do you want to share?


Visit Modist Brewing Co. along with 18 other taprooms on our 6th Annual Rails & Ales: Light Rail Brewery Crawl on Saturday, September 14!  Hope to see you there.