Angle Rock Kathy MThe mom and pop shop’s of old have mostly come and gone, but Taylors Falls Canoe and Kayak Rental, a Minnesota family-run small business has stood the test of time and has had it’s doors open for over 100 years.  During that time it has withstood two world wars, the great depression, and 18 presidents.

In 1906 Carl Muller took in the great beauty of the Saint Croix River Valley and decided to open a scenic boat company that leads tours up and down the river, leaving from the picturesque Taylors Falls, MN area and exploring the rocky cliffs and pristine waters that boarded both Minnesota and Wisconsin.  After several years of success, Muller noticed that there was a desire to get up-close and explore this area in new interactive ways.  As an avid woodworker, Muller got to work and built a small fleet of canoes by hand.  He also engaged and founded a strong and longstanding relationship with the Interstate State Park, which is where he planned to launch his vessels from.  In 1910, with 10 canoes and a pickup truck to haul the boats, Muller opened Taylors Falls Canoe and Kayak Rental.

Since then, this family-run adventure business has grown into a well oiled operation and has given hundreds of thousands of individuals the opportunity to explore the Saint Croix River and all of its inhabitants up close and personal.  While they no longer use the wooden vessels that Muller built, the family that runs and maintains this business has not changed.  Now a 4th generation business (with the 5th generation now helping haul canoes and check in guests on the weekends) this family doesn’t breed privilege and entitlement into the family business, but hard work and dedication to success.  In fact, this family has set a great standard – obtain a 4-year college degree, find a job away from the family business for at least two years, all before being invited to join the full time team of employees.  Amy Frischmon and her brother Dan, the now owners of the family business, are no exception to this rule.  In fact, after getting her degree in business Amy accepted a job at a television station in Guam for several years before returning back to Minnesota to apply her adventurous experience to the family’s mission of giving others the opportunity to explore.

hauling canoes10 wooden canoes has now turned into 350 canoes and kayaks, but Muller’s original goal of giving customers the opportunity to explore the clean waters of the St. Croix River stays the same.  We invite you to join us in supporting this great business on our newest GetKnit Get-together, St. Croix River Canoeing and Wine Tasting, and enjoy the beautiful waters that the Muller family has been exploring for over 100 years.