The start of every New Year comes with a sobering reflection on the year past: goals met and those that fell short, lessons learned, wins celebrated, and disappointments endured. At the same time, it brings a renewed hope for the possibilities of what the coming year could hold and gives the dreamer in each of us a new horizon to create upon.

In reflecting upon the past year at GetKnit, 2015 was filled with lots of exciting growth and milestones. At the top of the list of exciting “wins” was our ability to host over 50 Get-togethers in 2015! Giving you all sorts of unique and fun ways to “GetKnit” with our local partners and explore our amazing State.

While that number is exciting, even more exciting is that we hosted over 4,000 lovely people like YOU! That is a very humbling fact, and one that fills our entire team with gratitude, as we know that our guests’ time and resources are very valuable. So sincerely – thank you!!!

Our increased events and participant counts this past year allowed us to inject tens of thousands of dollars into the local economy through all of the amazing local partners that we had the pleasure to work with throughout the year.

Our mission statement reads:

The mission of GetKnit is to create a platform for local businesses to work together on signature experiences that highlight their businesses, services, and products in new and interactive ways. Our approach is to create unique and affordable events that inspire participants to tread fully on their local surroundings and challenge them to engage in something outside of their normal routine. We are the thread that knits our community together.

These accomplishments give witness to our mission in action around Minnesota and fuel the fire in our hearts for bettering our community as a whole.

What. A. Year!

As we turn our attention to the year ahead, we are filled with a renewed excitement for all the ways we can help to “knit” our community together in 2016!   We hope that as you reflect on the year past, and what the new year holds, you too are filled with much joy and a fire for the possibilities that lie ahead. Here’s to a great 2016… Cheers!