Yup. It appears the verdict is out and beer is being touted as a great recovery drink after a workout – better than water or Gatorade! Here are 3 reasons why drinking beer after exercising is good for you.

1. It helps repair and rebuild muscles.

It takes a combination of proteins, carbs, antioxidants and vitamins to help rebuild muscles after a workout. When they are rebuilt they get stronger. The antioxidants in beer – especially dark beers and hoppy beers assist in that recovery. On a side note, there’s also evidence to suggest that beer in moderation can help lower the risk of some types of diseases, including diabetes.

2. It hydrates you better than water.

Numerous scholarly articles on the health benefits of beer cite a study done in Granada, Spain that found that a group of students given beer after a strenuous exercise were more hydrated than students given water after the same exercise. Beer is also pretty rich in calories, and is a great way to get your metabolism going after your workout. It’s all about moderation, you don’t want to destroy all the hard work you just did, but one or two beers after a workout will provide a lot of benefit.

3. Because you like it.  And that’s good for the soul.

Let’s be real with each other. After a workout it’s nice to reward yourself. And what’s a better reward than a cold one? Yeah, we can’t think of anything either.

So, go on an extra long run. Add a few extra reps to your workout. Or, join us for yoga at 612 brewery. Afterwards, reward yourself with a local craft brew – you deserve it. Cheers!