Whether you are a talented twinkle toes or you have two clomping left feet, there is a dancer inside all of us! My fellow friends and I often ask ourselves, “Are we human, or are we dancers?” The best answer we have come up with: a little bit of both of course! Check out our favorite hidden gems for busting a move and shakin’ your groove thang!

In no particular order, the best places to boogie are:


The swanky little joint in NE Minneapolis is home to some of the best variety of dance parties. As 90’s night is our favorite night to dance it up and break it down, you may find one or many of our GetKnit Gurus bustin’ some moves dawning their 90’s finest duds. That is, if you dare to stop by and show off your skills! Cover charge is usually $5.

The Front

This is our favorite follow-up to a night at Honey. It’s only about a block away from Honey and it’s free cover charge! They keep a good mix of MJ tunes and top-40 to keep your hips shaking and your feet groovin’. The best part is that they have a giant window on the second floor so you can dance for all the unsuspecting strangers on the sidewalk! You’re welcome sidewalk people. Oh, one last thing. Although the drinks stop flowing at 2am, they stay open until 3am so you can finish up your moves!

Wabasha Street Caves

Nestled into the depths of St. Paul, the Wabasha Street Caves not only offer swing dancing, they offer lessons! As a beginner at swing dancing, no need to be nervous! The teachers can bring it down to your level, or crank up the speed and teach new tricks and steps! You’ll be a cool swingin’ cat in no time flat! Be Bop Scat!

The Loring Pasta Bar

For those dancers out there searching for a bit more fire, the Loring Pasta Bar near the U of M campus offers salsa dancing! Get swept away, or sweep someone away, in the fast footwork and whirlwind twirls of this sassy Latin dance. Loosen those hips, add in the arm work, and don’t forget to bring a little bit of attitude, and by a little bit, we mean a lot!


Now for the traditional at heart, has Gasthof’s in NE Minneapolis got something for you Let’s take it back to the jovial polka days, and join in the lively dancing! Having a case of the nerves? Pass Das Boot around before jumping into the light-hearted polka music from the ever-bellowing accordion!

Lee’s Liquor Lounge

For all those country lovin’ backwoods cravin’ dancing folks, Lee’s Liquor Lounge is IT for you! Join the Classic Country Mondays or check out  G.B.L.T. Barn Dance on Sundays, and get your country twang tuned in! Line dance in step with the best of them, and left, left, left right left your way through the night.

Now we know some of you out may be a little nervous to dance in public. That is what your floor length mirror was invented for – practice makes perfect! Bust a move at home before you head out on the town in your best white button up and white slouch socks. Nothing can prepare you more than impersonating Tom Cruise’s sweet moves in “Risky Business”.

Not enough groovy joints jiving with moves here for you? No worries! Send our Gurus an email or message on facebook that you are looking for a slammin’ place to showcase your talented two-stepping feet, and we guarantee we can find something to recommend! We hate being bored, so whenever you need suggestions for things to do in the Twin Cities or anywhere in Minnesota, hit us up. We’ve got your back.

Happy dancing my friends.