comp1-sky-diving-2_lWith a name like ‘GetKnit’ we get a lot of questions about what we are about and what exactly we do.  Most often people think we are a hipper (than most) knitting club on a quest to do cool things while knitting.  While we love people who knit, this very literal explanation for our name is way off.  Others assume we are a singles only club, which caters activities to the lovelorn.  This too is incorrect, as we believe in connecting together our greater community – not just the cities singles.  So while you may meet the love of your life on one of our get-togethers, it isn’t our main focus (though if you do, wedding invites and cake are very welcome!).

So who are we…really?

 To answer that question, you really need to get-to-know the ‘gurus’ that are behind GetKnit.  Namely a group of friends, some from Minnesota and some not, but in both instances have fallen in love with our great state and all the secrets it holds.  In our free time we found ourselves orchestrating elaborate outings aiming to unlock these hidden gems in our backyards and aiming to enMPLScourage our respective friends to live large and get to know each other and the city they dwelled in. Another common theme in each of our lives was our goal to support local business.  Whether the local brewery for refreshments, or the local restaurant for amazing eats we tried to surpass the chain restaurants that barraged our streets.  We started to question what it would look like to bring together these loves and lifestyles that we were living in the day to day.

 After many twists and turns of life, we decided to marry our love for cultivating community and exploring our “backyard” with our desire to support local businesses.  The result of this marriage was our very own love child – GetKnit.

Sticker_v1We loved the imagery cast by this name – a group aimed to inspire individuals to get ‘knit’ with their community, the businesses that help it to thrive, and the people that inhabit it!  Hence our tagline “we are the thread that knits together our community”.  As we continue to create ways for you to ‘GetKnit’ with your community, whether you are single or married, a knitter or not, we encourage you join us in our mission and find new ways to help our community to thrive, and to enrich the lives of those around us.  Lets GetKnit with our local community.

For more information on GetKnit and our mission visit the About Us page on our website.