Minnesotan’s are a lot of things…hearty, adventurous, healthy, and hip.  But another feather we can stick in our ‘cap of accolades’ is – generous!  The StarTribune recently reported that Minnesota has the 21st largest population in the US, but ranks 16th in total giving.  What does that mean?  We are generous!

event-logo__Small__smallToday is a day where Minnesotans have the opportunity to make that generosity go even further for our nonprofits, through –  ‘Give to the Max Day!’  This distinctive program is put on by GiveMN.org, which gives its visitors the opportunity to find local nonprofits that work towards a specific cause they are passionate about, and then connects them with a way to give!  Beyond the spotlight that Give to the Max Day shines it also hosts an opportunity for non-profits to double donations made to fuel their causes through matching.  “The Great Minnesota Give Together” also gives donors fun ways to give back through their “power hours” and “golden ticket” programs.

Last year donors generously gave $13.4 million dollars to just under 4,000 nonprofits.   Go stick the ‘generosity feather’ in your cap, by donating today and  help make this year even more successful for our hard working nonprofit friends across the state.