The start of a new year always seems to bring out a refreshed hope and vigor for the future, combined with an appreciation of (or at the very least a reflection on) the past.

New-Years-Resolution-2013I suppose this idea of ‘out with the old, and in with the new’ has been ingrained in us all.  Whether a break-up, loss of job, or some other unexpected turn we have all embraced the old mantra “when a door  closes, a window opens”.  Different context, same idea…the hope that “tomorrow” will hold something exciting is tethered tightly to every New Year.  Whatever the resolution – to become more fit, to pursue that dream job, or kick a bad habit – January 1st seems to have become a springboard for all of us to catapult ourselves into our own dreams and goals.

The team at GetKnit is passionate about seeing the goals and dreams of our partners, and our participants come to full fruition.  Therefore we thought we too would publically take this opportunity to reflect on 2013, and dream big (with you!) as we set our gaze on 2014.

2013 was a year of dreaming, experimenting, and growth.  In March we officially opened our doors at GetKnit with the mission of creating a platform for local businesses to work together on awesome experiences, while offering these events to the public for an affordable cost with the hope of inspire participants to tread fully on their local surroundings.  Since then, we have had hundreds of participants join us on our public and volunteer events.  Additionally we’ve had the great honor of working with countless local partners, and have been able to pour tens of thousands of dollars into our community through these local events.  Beyond the numbers we have had the opportunity to live out our mission on our own events, having met so many amazing people who, just like us, dream big and seek the most out of life.

As we set our gaze to 2014, our biggest “resolution” is to finish our first year as strong and simple as we started.   We kicked off the launch of GetKnit by taking to the streets of St. Paul on one of our favorite holidays – St. Patricks Day.  Armed with green necklaces we met with hundreds of fellow Minnesotans and talked with them about what we aimed to do in the Cities. As we aim to expand our event offerings in 2014, we want to make sure we hold on to that grassroots passion that has fueled our focus.  We want to expand on our events so that we can invest more into our partners, expand our reach, and namely increase the opportunities for the community to “tread fully” on their surroundings.

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As you reflect on the year past, and dream about what you’d love to see your 2014 bring, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of local ‘gurus’ ( and let us know if we can help to make that dream a reality.   And remember that everyday offers the possibility to make change and improve upon yourself… it doesn’t have to be the start of a new year.