Mention the name of this epic burger joint and my mouth begins to salivate. Boasting (by far) the best Juicy Lucy’s the Twin Cities has to offer, the Blue Door pub has continued to woo me over the past 3 years through innovative burger creations and a year-round supply of my favorite logo1Minnesota brew, Stillwater’s Lift Bridge Farm Girl.  Located in a quaint St. Paul neighborhood, The Blue Door Pub, formerly known as the Puerto Rican Restraunt, La Puerta Azul, lures crowds of Minnesotans each night to huddle together in the tiny hot spot decorated neatly with Christmas lights.  Patrons make new friends and snack on fried pickles and SPAM balls while playing hangman on chalkboard booths and sipping local brews in anticipation of the perfect burger.

Just when I was beginning to think that The Blue Door Pub could not get any better, they opened a second location in the Longfellow Neighborhood of Minneapolis.  The Longfellow burgers are just as delicious, the cajun tator tots just as fresh, and the homemade ranch dressing just as addictive as the original location. Indeed Brewing of NorthEast Minneapolis has a presence on each Longfellow Blue Door Pint Glass and the community table encourages neighbors to get to know one another.

The Blue Door is famous for their Blucy Burger (Blue Door Juicy Lucy) *as seen on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.  The Blucy is stuffed with bleu cheese and finely chopped garlic into a half-pound of Angus beef.  In addition to the amazing Juicy Blucys, the Blue Door also features a Burger of the Moment.  The current B.O.M. is the Coney Baloney Burger which is stuffed with three cheeses and diced white onions, adorned with a slick slice of fried all beef Vienna bologna, and then smathered ( that’s a combo of smothered and slathered ) with  house made beanless chili, yellow mustard, and more diced white onion! My personal favorite is the Lumberjack B.O.M. native to the month of February and stuffed with gouda and bacon then smothered in Northwoods Maple Syrup. YUM!

I have so much love for The Blue Door Pub that I needed to find a way to channel it! Luckily, I heard about the Blucy Challenge and gladly accepted.

tumblr_m77mig6pXY1qju6ero1_500THE CHALLENGE: Try one of each kind of Blucy (5 burgers at each location)
THE RULES: Always carry your punch card with you. And stay true to the items listed. The order in which you complete the Blucys is irrelevant.
THE TROPHY: The winner t-shirt. A custom made limited time winner t-shirt.
THE GLORY: The Blue Door will treat you to your 11th burger and then hope that you start the madness all over again!

Should you choose to accept the Blucy Challenge, I would be more than happy to accompany you on your mission.  Check out The Blue Door Pub and get your punch card…TODAY!